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Art Marketing Masters resources and training.

Art Marketing Masters is an exclusive learning community for entrepreneurial artists, led by veteran Digital Marketing Consultants, Laurie & Jim Williams, founders of Trumpet Marketing and the Alcohol Ink Art Community.  The membership will feature  “group” coaching and exclusive e Courses relating to Digital  Marketing for Creative Business Owners. AMM members will also receive discounts and exclusive access to events and upcoming master courses.

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Artist Website Academy

Build your Artist Website with WordPress/Woocommerce

Learn how to edit, update and manage your artist website  (Requires the Artbule – Website Setup Service)



Printful OnDemand Printing

Learn how to set up Printful for Automated OnDemand  printing

Create a one-to-many business model by utilizing the services and products from Printful. In this training, you’ll learn how to integrate Printful with your Woocommerce store, format images and identify profitable niche markets for your art business.

Understanding Hashtags

New for 2022!   Understanding Hashtags

Master hashtags to grow your following faster and with a more qualified audience of buyers.  This is a new living course, which means as new information and strategies emerge, they will be added to this marketing course.

Create Your Vision Board

New for 2022!   A Vision Marketing Plan

Create a clear vision for your art business. 
A vision board is a fun to create and serves as a visual “business plan” and reminder of our desires and goals for our art business. 


Below are some of the latest resources available to members of the Art Marketing Mastery.

Resources by Topic:  Branding & Logo Design  |  Instagram  |  Facebook | Website  | Pricing & Selling
Watch replays of Live Recordings:  LIVE RECORDINGS


How to Setup a Mailchimp Account for Building Your List

Below is a walk-through for setting up a new Mailchimp Account. Mailchimp is an email management platform that your followers to subscribe to your list.  You can then reach out to subscribers when you have something to share, such as new products, an event, invitation...

Social Media Graphics Sizing Recommendations

Below are some optimal sizes to consider when creating static graphics for Social Media Posts. As a quick solution to cover most channels, you can create graphics that are square OR that are proportional to 1200pixels x 628pixels. This allows us to streamline our...

How to Improve Engagement and Reach on Facebook & Instagram

How to Improve Engagement and Reach on Facebook & Instagram

Getting the best reach for your posts in social media is important and essential to selling your art online. Facebook and Instagram like to keep folks on their platform and value content that does just that! Watch the following video as I walk you through some great...

Sizing & Editing Images for Web (BeFunky demo)

Sizing & Editing Images for Web (BeFunky demo)

Resizing Images for your website is something important to consider.  The biggest suggestion I have is to be consistent with images sizes. For example, for each of your gallery images, use a consistent pixel size. In the following video, I demonstrate a free options...

How to Add an Email Sign Up Form to a Facebook Page

How to Add an Email Sign Up Form to a Facebook Page

Growing your email list is an important piece to your marketing strategy. Adding an email signup form to your Facebook page is a great way to convert your Facebook followers to subscribers! The video below is shows you how to add a Mailchimp signup form to your...

Making and Selling Prints of Your Artwork

Making and Selling Prints of Your Artwork

June 14, 2019 Making and Selling Prints of Your Artwork  RESOURCES for this Presentation Resources mentioned in training Standard Art Print...

Niche Marketing for Artists

Niche Marketing for Artists

Art Marketing Masters Art Marketing Masters resources and training.Recording from Live Training, June 7, 2019June 7, 2019 Niche Marketing for Artists Download Niche Marketing...

Certificate of Authenticity – Preparing Art and Prints

Certificate of Authenticity – Preparing Art and Prints

What is a Certificate of Authority? A formal certificate of authority (COA) is a document that has specific credentials that authenticate an original (or print) of artwork as being “created” or “approved” by the original artist.  The COA must originate from the artist...

Artist Statement Guide and Worksheet

Artist Statement Guide and Worksheet

What is an Artist’s Statement? If you are serious about building your art brand, an artist statement is essential. Think of your artist statement as your “elevator pitch”. The primary purpose of an artist statement should be to arouse interest in yourart and process....

Instagram for Artists eBook

Instagram for Artists eBook

The following is an eBook with a good overview of how to get started on Instagram with your Art Business. Download Instagram for Artists 2019

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