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Art Marketing Masters resources and training.

Art Marketing Masters is an exclusive learning community for entrepreneurial artists, led by veteran Digital Marketing Consultants, Laurie & Jim Williams, founders of Trumpet Marketing and the Alcohol Ink Art Community.  The membership will feature  “group” coaching and exclusive e Courses relating to Digital  Marketing for Creative Business Owners. AMM members will also receive discounts and exclusive access to events and upcoming master courses.

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Artist Website Academy

Build your Artist Website with WordPress/Woocommerce

Learn how to edit, update and manage your artist website  (Requires the Artbule – Website Setup Service)



Printful OnDemand Printing

Learn how to set up Printful for Automated OnDemand  printing

Create a one-to-many business model by utilizing the services and products from Printful. In this training, you’ll learn how to integrate Printful with your Woocommerce store, format images and identify profitable niche markets for your art business.

Understanding Hashtags

New for 2022!   Understanding Hashtags

Master hashtags to grow your following faster and with a more qualified audience of buyers.  This is a new living course, which means as new information and strategies emerge, they will be added to this marketing course.

Create Your Vision Board

New for 2022!   A Vision Marketing Plan

Create a clear vision for your art business. 
A vision board is a fun to create and serves as a visual “business plan” and reminder of our desires and goals for our art business. 


Below are some of the latest resources available to members of the Art Marketing Mastery.

Resources by Topic:  Branding & Logo Design  |  Instagram  |  Facebook | Website  | Pricing & Selling
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Mastering Social Media for Artists – Facebook & Instagram

Mastering Social Media for Artists – Facebook & Instagram

The following is from a presentation in the Alcohol Ink Art Conference.  it has a lot of great information and tips on Facebook and Instagram marketing for artists. VIDEO INSTRUCTION   Resources & Links Logo Design ( (logo...

How to Create a Logo Using Google Slides

How to Create a Logo Using Google Slides

If you've watched our posts on LOGO DESIGN, you know how important it is to design your own logo!  The video below, I walk you through one option for creating a logo using a free tool.. Google Slides!

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Our goal is to help you build a business online around your passion, so you can have the freedom to do what you love! 

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