Creating a vision board can be a great way to “see” what your year looks like.   Many times our plans and intentions get derailed, but if we have a visual representation of what our business can look like this year, then we can stay on track.  This course is designed to guide you in creating a vision board for your art business at any time.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be at the beginning of the year.  Additionally, you can re-create your vision board at any time in face revisiting it is always a good thing.  In the fast-paced Internet landscape, we need to stay nimble and that means plans sometimes change. But no strategy is a recipe for failure!

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Course Materials

  • Substrate (poster board, canvas, mixed media paper, cardboard, etc)
    NOTE: you want something heavy-duty if you plan to use collage glue.
  • Scissors
  • ModPodge, Gel Medium for collaging. Alternatively, you can use a glue stick or double-sided tape.
  • Art pens and markers (optional)
  • Favorite mediums (paints, inks, etc. that you want to include)
  • Found Clippings & Found Items for Collage
    • Cut out pictures and words from magazines (hint: have a few old one’s lying around for when we create our collages in case you have immediate inspiration)
    • Look at the Topics and Values and choose images that have meaning to you.   Maybe it’s a vacation, maybe it’s just time to yourself.   Cut out things you think portray or represent those items.
    • See Sources for FREE Printable below. Print the ones you like… even if you don’t end up using them.
    • Photos of your favorite work or in the style you want to create in the coming year. Make sure they aren’t too large because  you are going to be filling up your sheet with a lot of visual items to help you reach your goals.

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