Instagram Growth Challenge  #artbugle

Welcome to the Instagram Growth Challenge!

Congratulations on taking an exciting step in growing your following on Instagram!

We are delighted to have you join us!  In this challenge, we are going to guide you through some proven strategies for growing your following on Instagram!

To participate, here are some IMPORTANT steps to take to getting started!

  1. Make sure to add to your SAFE senders list  in your email client so that our email messages don’t go to SPAM. We will be sending you a series of email and reminders over the next 21 days.  Its’ possible that these will go to your spam folder unless you add us to your safe senders  list.  Click here if you need help with adding an email to safe sender list. 
  2. If you don’t already have one… create your Instagram account!  (You will need the mobile app to use Instagram to its full potential.)
  3. Go follow @artbugle on Instagram. Note: If you DM (direct message) us, we will follow your account.
  4. Join the ArtBugle Art Marketing Community on Facebook!
  5. Add your Instagram link to our ArtBugle Instagram Artist Directory so we can follow and engage with one another!
  6. Use the hashtag  #artbugle when posting so we can locate  and engage with your posts.


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