WordPress is a flexible and scalable platform for Artist websites.   It is the core platform used in my eCourse Artist Website Academy.  In the video presented below, I describe some of the main reasons why I recommend WordPress as a website platform for artists.

Why I recommend WordPress for Artist Websites

Reason #1: WordPress is FREE

WordPress is an Open Source website and content management platform.

Of course, the platform has to be housed somewhere on the Internet and presented through a domain name, so there are fees associated with the domain registration and hosting.   But these fees can be minimal and the CORE WordPress application is FREE!  (no monthly fees, yes!)

WordPress.org  or WordPress.com?

There are two different forms of WordPress.

  • WordPress.com, which is completely FREE but with some limitations.
  • WordPress.org, which is the team that develops the WordPress software that is installed on a web server. This is referred to as self-hosted and has the maximum flexibility.

REASON #2:  It’s Widely Supported

To date there are over 75 million websites powered by the WordPress platform.  Some of the most famous websites are built on WordPress, such as MTV News, Sony Music and Disney.

For this reason, there is a lot of on-going support for added functionality for WordPress  – through designs (themes) and plugins (added functionality)  — and there are NO signs of that support going anywhere anytime soon.

REASON #3:  It’s Flexible

A WordPress website has the flexibility to serve many, many purposes. With the extendibility of plugins, WordPress can provide a strong platform for anything from a simple blog to a complex eCommerce platform.

  • It can serve as an eCommerce shop if you want to sell your art.
  • It can serve as a robust solution for showcasing your artwork through galleries, sliders and pop-ups.
  • It can serve as a learning management system if you want to teach art.
  • It can interact with your existing social media channels to provide a strong integration and seamless brand.
  • It can be the platform you use to grow your audience and build your client lists.

… and the list goes on and on and on.

REASON #4:  You Own and Control the Platform and Content

When you depend on a third party like Wix, Squarespace, or other website platform, you don’t have complete control over your website. They can actually take your website down at any time if they feel they don’t like something about your content or feel you’ve violated their terms.

REASON #5:  Portability

What if you want to move your website and / or content to another platform.  WordPress offers the ability to export your content, text and images in a number of formats, making it highly portable.  Other platform providers offer no way or option to move you information.  If you want to move your website, this is a manual process. You basically have to start from scratch.

REASON #6:  Scalability

Do you want to start modest, then grow?  WordPress is built for that!
With the support of plugins and some specialized themes, your website can grow as your art business grows.

In my eCourse, Artist Website Academy, I walk you Artists through step-by-step how to build your website using WordPress, as well as how to optimize it for search engines, set up Analytics, integrate it with your social media accounts and more!



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